Monday, May 9, 2011

How Sweet

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession for candy/sweets. I live off of candy, I know it is a horrible  habit..I'm working on it:) I came across some darling candy gifts that I had to share. This are easy and inexpensive and make for a great gift!

After school/work snack? Cookies and Milk prefect idea! How cute is the straw! Its to make chocolate milk!

My husband and I love movies, whether we stay at home or go out I always need a little treat. What a great idea if you have friends or family over for a movie night!

And then a little treat to send home with your guests.

Summer BBQ's...what a creative way to say thank you.

So many cute ideas...I cant get enough!

Last but not least are the many camping trips or back yard hangouts for the summer. Bring on the Smores. Check out the tutorial.

Now there is no excuse on not having a gift to give or a party favor to hand out. All you have to do is think creative.

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  1. Chelsey! Thank you so much for featuring me...what a fun surprise, you made my day.
    Have a great weekend,