Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paper Roses

I love roses, they are timeless, classy and beautiful. When I did my "Love" wood lettering the heart was covered in roses made from crepe paper streamers, cost... $0.67! I found out about these roses from
Shelly House of Smith, check out her blog for more ideas!

You can make hanging rose balls, frames, wreaths or use the roses for accent pieces like I did.

*Crepe paper streamers
*Glue (I used my hot glue gun but any type of glue should work)

The first step is to cut off strips of crepe paper. The pieces that I cut were about 16 inches because I needed to make my roses tight and smaller. To make your roses bigger cut longer pieces about 20-24 inches.
Once you have cut off the pieces of crepe paper crumble them in your hands (this isn't a have to step but it helps in making the roses look softer.)

Then start to roll the paper about 4 times and put a dot of glue so it doesn't come unrolled. ***You will burn your fingers in making these so be prepared!***

Next wrap the paper around the middle base roll and twist. It should like something like this...

Continue to twist and wrap until you have a rose. ***You do not have to twist the paper, but when you twist the paper I think it gives it more of a flower look.***

It is super easy, but it takes a few tries to get a rose that looks good. I had a ton of roses that I had to looked horrible and a ton that looked just like a rose.The more you make the easier it gets.

To glue the rose on to your project just apply a drop of hot glue to the back of the rose. Last and optional is adding accessories to you project. For my wood letters I added pearl and silver beads and a cute little feather, you can buy all of this at any craft store for really cheap.


  1. I love this!! I am going to try an make them tomorrow.